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  • Blogddr5 v ddr4

    DDR5 v DDR4 – What Are The Differences?

    Before making the decision to upgrade to DDR5, it’s probably a good idea to see exactly what you are getting yourself into! The differences between DDR5 v DDR4 are not that significant to the naked eye, but under the hood a bunch of new technology makes the DDR5 release particularly exciting. Memory Size The maximum size of a single stick of DDR4 was 32GB. For DDR5 this will see a significant rise to 128GB. This is a much-welcomed change for content creators and power users who want to run more than 128GB of memory on standard consumer-based motherboards. Depending on…

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  • BlogHow much ram do I need

    DDR5 – How Much Ram Do I Need?

    Are you building a new machine based on DDR5 and wondering, how much ram do I need? This same question has been asked for years, even before DDR5. The

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  • Blogmemory upgrade

    Should I Upgrade to DDR5 Memory?

    DDR5 is nearly upon us. Starting late 2021, and into 2022, the question of whether to upgrade to DDR5 or not is going to become very common. There are a lot of factors to consider before ditching your DDR4-based build. The following article will go over a few of those to help you make the best decision. It’s New Tech. There’s no getting around it. DDR5 is new technology and with that comes certain risks to early adopters. While the launches of DDR4 and DDR3 before it went smoothly, there is nothing to say that DDR5 will be the same.…

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  • Blogddr5 release date

    What is the DDR5 Release Date

    DDR5 is coming. As of writing, manufacturers are already laying out and producing their products. That does not mean DDR5 is released, however. Release will come with mass adoption as a result of consumer based products which support DDR5. That support will come in the form of the next generation of motherboards from AMD and Intel. Both AMD and Intel are rumored to be releasing motherboards supporting DDR5 towards the end of 2021, or early 2022. For AMD, that support will come in the form of its new socket, AM5. AM5 is rumored to be LGA1718, meaning purchasing one of…

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  • Blogwhat is ddr5 ram

    What is DDR5 Ram?

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